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Street Drug Slang

Well informed friends and family members can answer questions and be alert for signs of illicit drug use by their loved ones. This chart provides basic information to help you learn more about illicit drugs, their symptoms, and potential consequences. The street names for drugs change frequently, so if what you are looking for is not here, it is probably a new term.
Street Name: Pot, Reefer, Grass, Weed, Dope, Ganja, Mary Jane, or Sinsemilla Looks like dried parsley, with stems and/or seeds; rolled into cigarettes or cigars How Used: Smoked or eaten
Street Name: Hash Looks like brown or black cakes or balls How Used: Smoked or eaten
Hashish Oil
Street Name: Hash Oil Looks like concentrated syrup varying in color from clear to black How Used: Smoked -- mixed with tobacco
Street Name: THC Looks like soft gelatin capsules How Used:
Taken orally
Mescaline and Peyote
Street Name: Mesc, Buttons, and Cactus Looks like hard brown discs, tablets, capsules How Used: Discs -- chewed, swallowed, or smoked. Tablets and capsules -- taken orally
Street Name: Magic Mushrooms, 'shrooms Looks like fresh or dried mushrooms How Used: Chewed or swallowed
Lysergic acid diethylamide
Street Name: LSD, Acid, Microdot, White lightning, Blue heaven, and Sugar Cubes Looks like colored tablets, blotter paper, clear liquid, thin squares of gelatin How Used: Taken orally, licked off paper, gelatin, liquid can be put in the eyes
Analog of Amphetamines or Methamphetamines
Street Name: MDMA (Ecstasy, XTC, Adam, Essence), MDM, STP, PMA, 2, 5-DMA, TMA, DOM, DOB, EVE Looks like white powder, tablets, or capsules How Used: Taken orally, injected, or inhaled
Street Name: PCP, Hog, Angel Dust, Loveboat, Lovely Looks like liquid, white crystalline powder, pills, capsules How Used: Taken orally, injected, smoked (sprayed on joints or cigarettes)
Analog of Phencyclidine (PCP)
Street Name: PCPy, PCE
Looks like white powder
Taken orally, injected, or smoked
Nitrous Oxide
Street Name: Laughing gas or Whippets Looks like small 8-gram metal cylinder sold with a balloon or pipe; propellant for whipped cream in aerosol spray can How Used:
Vapors inhaled
Amyl Nitrite
Street Name: Poppers or Snappers Looks like clear yellowish liquid in ampules How Used:
Vapors inhaled
Butyl Nitrite
Street Name: Rush, Bolt, Bullet, Locker Room, and Climax Looks like small bottles How Used:
Vapors inhaled
Street Name: Aerosol sprays or cleaning fluids Looks like aerosol paint cans How Used:
Vapors inhaled
Street Name: Solvents Looks like cans of aerosol propellants, gasoline, glue, paint thinner How Used:
Vapors inhaled
Street Name: Downers, Barbs, Blue Devils, Red Devils, Yellow Jackets,
Yellows, Nembutal, Tuinals, Seconal, and Amytal
Looks like red, yellow, blue, or red and blue capsules How Used:
Taken orally
Street Name: Quaaludes, Ludes, Sopors Looks like tablets How Used:
Taken orally
Street Name: Valium, Librium, Serax, Equanil, Miltown, and Tranxene
Looks like tablets or capsules
How Used: Taken orally
Street Name: Coke, Snow, Nose Candy, Flake, Blow, Big C, Lady, White, and Snowbirds Looks like white crystalline powder How Used:
Inhaled, injected
Crack cocaine
Street Name: Crack, rock, freebase Looks like white to tan pellets or crystalline rocks that look like soap How Used:
Street Name: Speed, Uppers, Ups, Black beauties, Pep pills, Co-pilots, Bumblebees, Hearts, Benzedrine, Dexedrine, Footballs, and Biphetamine Looks like capsules, pills, tablets How Used: Taken orally, injected, inhaled
Street Name: Crank, Crystal meth, Crystal methadrine, and Speed Looks like white powder, pills, rock that resembles a block of paraffin How Used: Taken orally, injected, inhaled
Additional Stimulants
Street Name: Ritalin, Cylert, Preludin, Didrex, Pre-State, Voranil, Sandrex, and Plegine
Looks like pills or capsules
How Used: Taken orally, injected
Street Name: Smack, Horse, Mud, Brown sugar, Junk, Black tar, and Big H Looks like white to dark-brown powder or tar-like substance How Used: Injected, smoked, or inhaled
Street Name: Pectoral syrup Looks like white crystals, hypodermic tablets, or injectable solutions How Used: Taken orally, injected, or smoked
Street Name: Paregoric, Dover's Powder, Parepectolin Looks like dark brown chunks, powder How Used: Smoked, eaten, or injected
Street Name: Empirin compound with codeine, Tylenol with codeine,
Codeine in cough medicine
Looks like dark liquid varying in thickness, capsules, tablets How Used: Taken orally, injected
Street Name: Pethidine, Demerol, Mepergan Looks like white powder, solution, tablets How Used: Taken orally, injected
Analog of Fentanyl (Narcotic)
Street Name: Synthetic heroin, China white Looks like white powder How Used: Inhaled, injected
Analog of Meperidine (Narcotic)
Street Name: MPTP (New heroin), MPPP, synthetic heroin Looks like white powder How Used: Inhaled, injected
Other narcotics
Street Name: Percocet, Percodan, Tussionex, Fentanyl, Darvon, Talwin, and Lomotil
Looks like tablets or capsules
How Used: Taken orally, injected